Social Media Influencers Are Here to Stay

If you want to become one of them, don’t overlook the legal risks  So you’ve noticed your social media channel is taking off. Your Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube or another account is receiving hundreds, or even thousands, of “likes” or views, and your online following is blossoming.  And not only that, but a few businessesПродолжить чтение “Social Media Influencers Are Here to Stay”

Life Rights: Should You or Shouldn’t You Seek Them?

It’s a tricky question for independent filmmakers. Asking for forgiveness could be better than asking for permission. Here’s some guidance on which way to go. So you work in the film industry and you come across a person’s real-life story that simply beckons your creative energies. Indeed, this person’s life is absolutely calling you. YouПродолжить чтение “Life Rights: Should You or Shouldn’t You Seek Them?”

A Primer on Covering Songs

As any creative artist knows, few works of art are born of wholly new cloth. Not to get too philosophical, but most creative works are derivative of something that has been seen or heard before. The creative talent takes what he or she has learned and builds upon this base knowledge to bring forth somethingПродолжить чтение “A Primer on Covering Songs”

To Form an LLC or Not to Form an LLC

Here are some financial and other real-world reasons why your new creative arts venture should operate through a separate business entity. So you’ve just formed a new creative arts team with a small band of talented, inventive souls, and you have a magical project in mind that you’re certain has marketplace potential. You’re now lookingПродолжить чтение “To Form an LLC or Not to Form an LLC”